Best KeyLocker

Best KeyLocker 1.04

Lock your phone's keypad automatically

Are you afraid to forget to lock your keypad? And you don't want your phone to call a friend abroad or start loading WAP or Internet pages? Then you should let KeyLocker do this routine work! It will let you set automatic keypad lock, sounds for key lock/unlock actions and much more.

Features and settings:

  • Custom lock timeout
  • Custom sound on lock/unlock actions
  • Custom hot key for lock/unlock operations
  • Rule for lock or don't lock if charger connected
  • Rule for lock at different profiles
  • Rule for lock at different apps
  • Auto lock/unlock for Nokia 7650
  • Don't lock phone during a phone call
  • Custom lock/unlock hotkeys
  • Custom lock/unlock sound notification

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Best KeyLocker


Best KeyLocker 1.04

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